ORNATE is professional Web design company that supplies services of web design and development, web application development, professional ecommerce online shopping systems, Flash multimedia, website hosting, software development and graphics design. ORANTE is specializing in communication using the print, electronic and interactive media. The combination of collaborative work gives a unique flexibility.
Understand the client, and needs.
Outline the project, design and technical parameters, resources needed, the timescale and the cost of production.
On acceptance of the proposal and commissioning of work, the project brief is arrived at which define a mutually accepted design goal on which the design will be evaluated.
Based on clients feedback, analising a data and resources the concept generation begains.
Preparation of prototype in full detail and functionality.
On approval of propotype, start implementing the entire project.
Testing of functionality is done in-house.
Alpha version for clients testing.
Finshing touches as per the needs.
Deliver the project and feed back time to time.